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What You Need to Know About Big Data Analytics

Ralph Bernard/ July 26, 2018/ Technology

Big data analytics play a key role in modern business operations. This concept has been with us for some time only that it is just that most people are coming to terms with the benefits offered by this technology. Ideally, it achieves this by analyzing large amounts of data with the objective of unearthing patterns and correlations that are used in decision making. With big data analysis as a platform, it is now possible to analyze data and get results in an instant.

Why is big data important?

data analytic methods

Data analytics helps organizations harness data and use it to evaluate the markets and identify new opportunities. This helps the business make smart moves and improve their operations, which goes a long way in making their customers happy. That said, here are some of the leading ways businesses stand to gain from investing in big data analytics.

  1. Cost reduction: Better storage of data and implementation of efficient ways of doing business.
  2. Faster and better decision making: With big data analytics, business executives can make fast and informed decisions.
  3. New products and services: Data analytics software can gauge consumer trends, preferences, and complains. This way, companies can now confidently give their consumers exactly what they want.

Who uses big data analytics?


As part of customer services, most shoppers expect retailers to know what they want and give them precisely that. Big data analytics goes a long way in helping retailers understand their customers better and meet their demands. Even better, they can predict trends, which can be used in developing new products.

Travel and hospitality

Customer satisfaction is critical in the travel and hospitality industry. However, keeping these customers happy is not always as easy as it seems. However, with big data analytics, major players in the hospitality industry can now collect and analyze customer data fast and make amends before it’s too late.

Healthcare industry

hospital database

Another beneficiary of the developments in significant data analysis is the healthcare industry. Patient’s records, insurance information, health plans, and other patient details are now easier to manage with data analytics that it was in the past. With big data analytics, major players in the healthcare industry are now able to address the patient’s needs with certainty.

Ideally, any business that relies on making quick decisions to remain competitive should invest in data analytics. Before investing in a specific data analytic software, it is imperative to understand things like types of data you are analyzing, why you need the data, the possibility of working with big data, and the availability of support services.…