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Main types of caulking guns

Ralph Bernard/ June 29, 2018/ Tools

A caulking gun is a device used to apply caulk, silicon, or any other tubed products in construction and home improvement projects. Initially, caulking guns were used in shipbuilding and to close gaps between structures. At home, they can be used seal leaks and improve the energy efficiency of a home. If you are one of those DIY homeowners, consider investing in a caulking gun just in case you have a leaking bathtub, shower, or sink. There are several types of caulking guns, some of which are explained below.

Ratchet rod caulk gun

The ratchet rod caulk gun is relatively old AsassaDdesign. As such, you expect to find it at your local hardware store or even online. The operation of these gun is relatively simple. You only need to load the tube and apply pressure until you are done applying the caulk. Once you are done, you just need to hold it upside down and withdraw the force to prevent any losses.

Smooth rod dripless gun

This is a better design compared to the ratchet rod gun. It features an improved design that allows you to apply significantly low pressures and have the job done. Thanks to the spring loaded plat lock, you are always in control as you can adjust the pressures to suit the demands of the job at hand. Once you are done, you only need to release the trigger, and the caulk will stop flowing. This design is ergonomic as it provides better control and also requires significantly low pressures to have the job done.

Electric caulk gun

aQdsqaSDaAs the name suggests, the electric caulk gun does not require the application of any force. As such, this caulk gun is mainly used for commercial application or by those that use the caulk gun often. These guns are easy to use and provide a steady bead of caulk. As such, if you are a DIY homeowner, buying this unit might be too much for you. You can either go for a battery powered unit or one that can be directly attached to the mains.

The most important consideration to make when buying a caulk gun is how you intend to use it. Your experience also matters. Manual guns are perfect for small jobs, while electric powered units can help you handle large jobs. If you are not so sure of what to buy, here are 10 best caulking guns that you can buy.  If you have never used a caulk gun, you certainly need to practice for some time to do a decent job.…