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How to find the best pet feeder

Margret Cullen/ November 24, 2017/ Pet

An automatic cat feeder is a tool that dispenses food for your pet whenever the bowl becomes empty. A great automatic cat feeder should have features which make the dispensing job simple as scheduled. Most people who own pets, often feed them from bowls. They pour the food whenever they see their cat hungry. However, this may not work best if you have a tight schedule or you are always on the go.

Your cat may stuff and eventually it will develop nutrition-related diseases which will require you to spend an extra dime. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to buy an automatic cat feeder. It makes everything simpler and you will be free to carry on with your work without worries about your cat at home. In this regard, the following is a comprehensive guide in finding the best automatic cat feeder.


The price

Do not let price alone determine the kind of feeder you purchase but it is good to for discounts. Try to consider other factors and also visit several stores to get a reasonable price range. This will help you to avoid being exploited by dealers who take advantage of your ignorance. Make sure the feeder is pocket-friendly and worth the money you pay.


Number of pets

It was advisable to consider the number of cats you have in the house and their sizes too. Apart from the number of cats, it also important to consider their relation to each other. If your cats that get along well, you can buy one feeder for them to share. For those that are prone to fighting over food, it is good to buy each them for separate use. Also, look at the size of the cat when buying a new feeder. The feeders vary in size and it is good to look for a feeder that merges your cat’s size.


Easy to clean

Just like the regular bowl, you need to clean the automatic feeder on a regular basis. The feeder on is good for use in the next feeding session when it is clean. A good cat feeder should be easy to clean. Do not buy a machine that is complicated.


Refill alert

A good automatic cat feeder is the one that produces a beep sound to alert you that the food is finished. This is good because your cat cannot speak out for itself. A refill alert will ensure that your cat does not miss a meal.



Considering your cat’s personality will help you in determining whether to buy the feeder or not. Not all cat is the same. Some can be pickier than others. If your pet does not get comfortable around machines, avoid buying because it will be a waste of time and resources.


The durability

You do not want to buy a feeder that will serve your pets for just a short period. Ensure that the automatic feeder is of high quality and durable enough for long-term services. Therefore, you need to buy a cat feeder from a reputed dealer who sells original cat food dispensers.…